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“People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one generation to another.” — Studs Terkel


  • Educational Learning Model
At International Routes we are committed to educating through our experiential learning model. By understanding the roots of discrimination and prejudice deep within others and ourselves, we can begin the journey of creating a better world for future generations. Our experiential learning model can be summarized in our commitment to our participants.
  • To go beyond textbook and classroom learning on a travel study mission, where lessons are learned in vivo and students have a visceral experience at historical sites and landmarks.
  • By participating in a collaborative learning model, students acquire skills and resources that serve as the basis for their lifelong learning and commitment to positive social change.
  • To go beyond texts, lectures, symposia, and museum exhibits. No educational medium can compare to the experiential learning undertaken through visiting sites of memory.

In particular our team at International Routes is committed to Holocaust Education. The enormity of the Holocaust is one that deeply impacts our understanding of the global consequences of bigotry, hate, and war. In each and every one of our experiential learning tours we commit to:
  1. Immersing participants in the specific history and universal lessons of the Holocaust, which includes a consideration of all victims of the Holocaust and other genocides, through an experiential learning model. Students will experience learning at the sites of former concentration and death camps, memorials, and historical landmarks. 
  2. Fostering a sense of unity among students from across North America, with a vision to effect positive social change, and to speak up against antisemitism, racism, Holocaust denial, and all forms of discrimination.
  3. Exposing participants to the lasting lessons of resilience and hope through the individual stories of survivors whose lives serve as models of courage, and rescuers who exemplify the light of hope in even the darkest times.
​Educational, emotional, transformative,
an International Routes program
is a journey like no other.
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